Network Security

In today’s world of increased cyber security threats, ransomware and more, one simply cannot be too careful.

Just as there are good and bad people in the real world, you’ll find people on the Internet who use their cyber security knowledge to help others (also known as white hats or ethical hackers). There are those, too, who use their digital skills to spread fear and create chaos. These troublemakers are known to commit fraud, violate privacy and even steal your identity. Internet cyber crime costs organizations, companies and governments billions of dollars each year. Even worse, illegal activity on the Internet shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the very opposite is true: cyber crime is growing more and more serious. In some cases even city governments have been victimized with their systems completely being brought down and literally held for ransom.

You can relax knowing that HMR Engineers are CISSP certified.

The CISSIP: (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), is considered the industry gold standard, and is one of the highest levels of certification for security.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

(ISC)² created and maintains the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) on which the certifications are based. The CBK defines global industry standards and best practices in information security.

The certification requires excellence in 8 security domains.

  • 1. Software Development Security
  • 2. Security and Risk Management
  • 3. Asset Security
  • 4. Security Architecture and Engineering
  • 5. Security Operations
  • 6. Security Assessment and Testing
  • 7. Identity and access Management
  • 8. Communication and Network Security



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