P1: The Power of One.

Insurance Management
Made Easy

We fuse and unify your data, then bring it all together in just one system. It’s an all-in-one suite built just for insurance professionals.

P1 is really all you need to manage your complete run-off or reinsurance business. We make managing the complex world of run-off and reinsurance straightforward. Delivered on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the system provides instant access to your data and business intelligence anywhere in the world.

Three decades of expertise with global reinsurance and run-off has gone into every query and line of code. Simple to use yet highly sophisticated. P1 securely handles millions of dollars in transactions, records and reports. If time really is money, P1 provides great opportunity for those who recognize its power. Claims are efficiently handled to reach ultimate finality with ease. Management teams can then focus on high value business opportunities instead of being trapped with legacy systems. P1 allows teams to work straight away with no expensive infrastructure or capital investments to slow them down.

Connected Data Points & Fast Migration
HMR has freed countless companies from old outdated technology and obsolete equipment. We collaboratively connect and cleanse your datasets to unlock their value. We perform all the transformations you need: joins, unions, cleansing, mapping and more. We work closely with our clients, building and associating your data for maximum productivity. Your legacy data can be mapped and migrated by our business analysts and data teams in as little as 90 days. Flexible and agile you can scale up or down with your business needs. Once migrated, users can be up and running literally in minutes.

P1 expertly dovetails all the elements from original contracts to finalized payments in just one system. P1 securely handles millions of dollars in transactions, records and reports. All powerfully orchestrated in just one remarkable application.

Complete 360: View of Your Operation’s Financials
Good decision making and negotiation on claims depends on concise data. We provide over 30 reports so your management and actuaries can clearly see your financial position at any given time. Priority ranking, comments, key documents, expert reports & invoices for each claim are just a mouse click away for your examiners. No more sorting through multiple spreadsheets, email boxes, or paper.

Dramatically Reduce Costs and Monitor Money Flow
We have made every process accurate, timely and efficient. From filing original contracts all the way to cutting checks, we’ve eliminated redundancy and tedious manual tasks in every way possible. Keep costs in check with customized approval tiers and authorization levels for payments and reserve changes. We’ve even built in deductible recoveries with automated letters, so no money is left on the table.

Integrated Intelligence: Not Fragmented Across Systems
P1 works with your existing systems to bring all your claims data into one place. In a typical insurer, data is fragmented and siloed across multiple warehouses, often segmented by business lines. P1 brings that knowledge together. P1 is specifically tailored to the day-to-day needs of insurance and re/insurance companies, putting the tools to manage data into the hands of the people who best understand it.

Handles Multiple Books of Business with Ease
P1 is often used to serve multiple operations and geographies in one instance.Switch to another book or work with multiple currencies in just minutes.

Control Legal Expenses
Unique to P1, we offer expert bill review capability for legal invoices. Legal counsel teams monitor and adjust legal invoices before your team even receives them. This stops over-charges, and duplicate fees in their tracks. Save time, energy and money by choosing not to manually index invoices ever again.

Informed Decision Making:
Run-Off: Protect your reserves and bottom line with clear access to your critical numbers. P1 helps your teams make the right calls on claims, saving on costs & getting closer to reaching finality.

Reinsurance: Take the complexity out of reinsurance. P1 handles facultative and treaty agreements with ease. Pinpoint accurate queries built by the best in reinsurance, means billing is automatic and accurate. Receivables and cash management is clear and precise.




P1 Run-off Re/Insurance Management Application Platform in the cloud.

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Karl J Wall, CEO Aylesbury Insurance,
Former CEO of Enstar

The P1 system is one of the most comprehensive and fully-integrated systems I've come across in my 3 decades in managing and owning run-off companies and portfolios.

From policy administration to claims management, data is gathered and maintained at different hierarchical levels such as policy to multiple claims to multiple claimants. Policies and claims can also be “attached” to ceded reinsurance contracts with the relevant participating reinsurers.

The system also keeps track of open balances both due to and due from ceding companies and reinsurer.

Data is protected through the use of master databases such as Insurance Company Master Listing which is updated frequently from AM Best which prevents the creation of multiple names for the same insurance company.

The folks at HMR are not just IT people. They have a thorough understanding of insurance and reinsurance at all levels and I have always found they go way beyond the contractual provisions in providing service.

The pricing is very fair and inclusive. There are no add ons or extras. This makes it easier to budget. We have never had any issues with speed or system response time.

I'm in the process of creating a new run-off platform with the Chinese conglomerate, Fosun and we are currently migrating data from 3 old legacy systems to P1. Not only has HMR vasts amount of experience in many legacy systems but we are currently running 2 months ahead of schedule on a 6 month project.

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