Website Design, UI/UX Design

Our processes are finely honed from over 20 years of website design and UX design for a wide range of projects. We've created over 150 custom websites in our careers, software interfaces, and countless print marketing campaigns.

Here in the HMR communications department, we think, live and breathe design. When we aren't designing websites, we are observing, photographing or drawing the world around us. It's a part of who we are. Our websites look different because they are. We build each one from scratch.

Design Experience
• 25+ years experience in publishing, web design and development
• Online brand management
• UI, UX design for .NET developers
• Usability testing
• Content writing, communications management, print collateral


User Centered Design, UX
Search Engine Optimization
Advertising Pay Per Click Campaign Management
Natural Organic Search Campaigns
Website Content Development: Writing
Brand Development & Marketing


Our Website Design Process

Sarasota Website Design Process



Discover Core Insights
First we ask the right questions and listen intently. 

We seek to understand your company and your users thoroughly.  Our strategy is to discover the primary concepts that define your brand, consumer base, and target audience.  As a result, key market opportunities for your company are discovered and identified.

How do we do this? Guided consultation, and proprietary planning tools developed through years of experience, will help to clarify and define your project.  Your ideas, vision and targets will be carefully noted and documented.  As a result of the process, the intangible becomes tangible for the entire Web project team.


Information from the discovery process is placed into our Project Definition document.

This document serves as the map for the entire project. Every decision, every recommendation made for the design of your Website is made based on the project specifications outlined from the discovery process. Key players, assets, media and content are identified.

The requirements document includes user profiles, task analysis, technical specifications, systems analysis and an outline of your information architecture.


Prototype and Wireframe of Information Design

We then set out to design your Website. Wireframe sketches are put together into a working document that is shared and put to use immediately. Using this prototype we can communicate together as a team, and make the adjustments necessary to perfect your site.   At this stage your company will already begin to see the Website taking shape. 


Visual designers start to work on creating a series of graphic designs that complement your business strategy and match your target audience's expectations.

You will have the opportunity to select from several mockup .JPG designs that are completely custom designed for your project.   In addition to compelling design, we are highly familiar with the psychology of human computer interaction.  This ensures your interface will be highly user friendly, and function efficiently, just as your users expect.


Next we proceed to designing, building and wiring your actual Web site pages. 

We coordinate our talents into a driving force, working as producers, programmers, designers, and usability experts focused on your project’s success. 

For Websites that require programming or database driven functionality, we design the structured programming logic in Microsoft  .NET, and develop the unique interface controls and specific objects needed.  Existing business systems are identified and integration strategies are analyzed and produced by the developers.


Your Website is tested, retested and tested again under a variety of platforms, and conditions, until it is perfected.  
This includes making sure it is responsive and works across phones, tablets, and desktops.

Designers and programmers work together to make sure all of your elements are working in concert and correctly.  Final usability testing is then performed with a sample of your target audience to ensure your site is indeed meeting your user’s needs.  Test results are noted, scored, and examined.  Designs and functionality are then tweaked accordingly.


Your Website now undergoes the most vigorous of final testing processes.

We put your Website through an ultimate series of relentless tests until we reach a state of absolute perfection. Testing and polishing in this phase makes sure the Website is completely perfect and ready for it's launch date.


No Website is complete until the target audience knows it exists.  We can deliver a focused marketing campaign that highlights your brand on the World Wide Web.

Feel free to tap into our strong background in Website marketing. Our services include writing and submitting targeted news releases that produce immediate coverage, building and interacting with Social Media Communities,, blogs, forums, constructing and producing xml feeds to search engines, targeted content page building, and carefully designing and monitoring custom pay per click campaigns. We are Google Certified for managing advertising campaigns.