What our clients say about us:


Karl J Wall, CEO Aylesbury Insurance,
Former CEO of Enstar

The P1 system is one of the most comprehensive and fully-integrated systems I've come across in my 3 decades in managing and owning run-off companies and portfolios.

From policy administration to claims management, data is gathered and maintained at different hierarchical levels such as policy to multiple claims to multiple claimants. Policies and claims can also be attached to ceded reinsurance contracts with the relevant participating reinsurers.

The system also keeps track of open balances both due to and due from ceding companies and reinsurer.

Data is protected through the use of master databases such as Insurance Company Master Listing which is updated frequently from AM Best which prevents the creation of multiple names for the same insurance company.

The folks at HMR are not just IT people. They have a thorough understanding of insurance and reinsurance at all levels and I have always found they go way beyond the contractual provisions in providing service.

The pricing is very fair and inclusive. There are no add ons or extras. This makes it easier to budget. We have never had any issues with speed or system response time.

I'm in the process of creating a new run-off platform with the Chinese conglomerate, Fosun and we are currently migrating data from 3 old legacy systems to P1. Not only has HMR vasts amount of experience in many legacy systems but we are currently running 2 months ahead of schedule on a 6 month project.

Tom Nichols, former CFO Enstar US

I was, until recently, the CFO of Enstar US, which managed all aspects of the Enstar group's US acquisitions.

Initially the HMR group and P1 were the in house US IT team supporting the P1 system before they became a separate entity. At that time all of Enstar's US acquisitions were using P1 and new acquisitions were migrated on to P1.

I found the functionality of the system to be flexible to incorporate business requirements expediently and at relatively low cost. The team have many years of insurance experience that enables them to be able to work very efficiently with the data during legacy conversions.

In my experience, when reviewing alternate systems, P1 always rates very favourably on flexibility, cost and speed of migration.


Amel Esposito Chief Claims Officer, SunPoint

As Chief Claims Officer for SunPoint, I have been a regular user of the P1 claim software application by HMR for years. 

From a claims and insurance perspective, the P1 application is user friendly, web-based, and highly interactive. 

P1 claims conversions, despite claim complexity or volume, is seamless, showing its remarkable dependability, efficiency and functionality. 

Additionally, the P1 system is open for customization for various lines of business and needs. 

The automated invoice generation and processing system helps us resolve payment of invoices more efficiently and cost-effectively and is the best I've experienced in 35 years of claims experience. 

Lastly, the HMR staff is always professional, responsive and timely. 
I would highly recommend the P1 system to anyone in the insurance and reinsurance industry. 



Jennifer Lindin, Manager of operations, SunPoint Insurance Services Corp.

This Cloud based system is user friendly, proficient and supports each of these intricate processes in an incredibly dependable fashion. I couldn’t be more impressed with the available customization and training provided by HMR. Every improvement has been tended to with extreme diligence, timeliness and detail.HMR recently coded a complete integration between P1 and Bottomline’s Legal-X System ..., which allows [us] to manage legal expenses at a lower cost base, all while automatically feeding invoices directly into our existing P1 Claims system. The extended support list beyond programming is lengthy; including on-going business analyst support needed in the run-off arena, side by side of documentation of processes and workflow. I recommend HMR’s P1 System and superior staff to anyone in the reinsurance and insurance business!