Natural Organic Search vs

Natural Organic Search vs Pay Per Click

Don't play hide and seek with your customers. Make your Website pages visible and easy to access.

What is natural (or organic) search?

Natural search (also known as organic search), means simply that people are able to find your Website without having to use pay per click ads. Your Website pages will come up "naturally" within the traditional results of the search engine.

After your Web pages have been optimized by HMR, you will enjoy a significant improvement in your Website's ranking. The results speak for themselves with our natural search clients enjoying strong boosts in their rankings across the three major search engines.

Natural search provides ongoing benefits through thick or thin.

You'll like what natural search optimization can do for your site. It is like a true friend who keeps helping you through thick or thin. The size of your budget just doesn't matter. Once relevant pages are built and optimized they can perpetually draw visitors to your site. Fresh, relevant content aids natural search, helps build your image, and creates name recognition at virtually no cost to you. Once content is built, you can literally sit back and watch your traffic build.

Motivated visitors looking to buy your product.

Motivated visitors appreciate informative content. Most users decide within 5 seconds if they want to stay on your Website of not. Therefore users certainly have little time or patience for anything that isn't immediately useful.

Highly ranked Websites enjoy better results through more overall traffic, increased motivated buyers, and better conversion rates.
The search engine's job is to answer visitor searches with useful, relevant content right away. Websites that are deemed good matches, are therefore ranked higher, and placed closer to the top of results.

Did you know that visitors are more likely to click on free natural search results then the paid ads anyway? The reason is simple, they trust those results (i.e., in Google the list of results on the left side of the screen) to be more reputable and worth their time and attention.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of using only pay-per-click, or affiliate programs.

Pay per click campaigns are very useful, and are a part of any smart marketing strategy. However they can be subject to varying costs through competitive bidding, or finicky “tire kicking” consumer behavior.

Your marketing strategy should be smart and penny wise. Natural search, should be an important part of your company's continual online success. It can provide constant traffic at a fixed one-time cost. Call us today if you'd like to start seeing more conversions and higher rankings.


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