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So Little Time. When a visitor arrives at your Website you have approximately 5 seconds to catch their interest.

In today's hurried society, users have very limited time and even shorter patience. When they land on your Website, they want to know if your site has any value for them. If not, they just click away in a blink of an eye.

We are dedicated to making your information as effective as possible. We know what it takes to capture attention and keep it. We understand how users naturally interact with Websites, and put those principles immediately to work for you.

Behavior of "Web Hunters & Gatherers"

Information Foraging
Users quickly scan pages in a process known as "information foraging". A throw back to our ancient ancestors, it is our natural instinct to not waste valuable energy on looking for "food". In the World Wide Web, users are always on the prowl looking for tasty bits of satisfying "information". Without any hints of relevant "information scent", the forager will quickly move on to the next site. After all, it's just a click away.

What's in it for me? Relevant or Not?
We are bombarded by so much information on a daily basis, that the human mind puposefully blocks out stimuli that is not considered relevant to our survival, success or immediate needs.

When it comes to Web pages, we don't read.

When we land on a page, we scan quickly looking for immediate clues as to whether or not it is meaningful or useful to us. Visual tracking studies indicate that users' eyes follow a Web page in an F type pattern concentrating on the left side. They are drawn to bolded items, or blocks of information organized in clear gestault patterns.

Information and it's desirability
Users gather "information scent" from your menus, article titles, and hyperlinks. Therefore through these hints, Website visitors quickly ascertain whether or not your site is worth pursuing. (Just as you are now at this very moment.)

Visitors as they scan your Website, consciously or subconsciously seek out and ask themselves:

Apple Girl Usability using her apple computer

Is there anything personally meaningful to me on this page?

Is it worth the effort for me to read this page?

We understand the Web user. We dedicate ourselves to meaningful information design in order for your Website to have maximum impact.


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